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50 Hz from 0,85 to 5,5 kW
60 Hz from 0,95 to 6,3 kW

Machines are powered by three phase, side channel maintenance free vacuum unit

The magnetothermal on/off switch is fitted into the bottom of the housing. The electric power is supplied by a 6 metre electric cable.

The material vacuumed is collected into a filtering nylon bag. In presence of dusty material, a polyester bag filter can be supplied upon request.

The machine is made out of sheet iron steel, sand blasted and painted with epoxy powder colour grey Ral 9006 giving to the machine an outstanding robustness.

The stability of the machine is insured thanks to the vacuum unit placed on the base of the housing.

Its manoeuvrability is ensured by means of four 100 mm diameter castor wheels.

* 50 Hz only

Models available:
ATEX (for use in explosive atmospheres or/and with explosive substances)
L-M-H filtration (for vacuuming of toxic powders) certification
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