Blue Line

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- Heavy duty industrial cleaning operations
- Sequential vacuuming on processing machines
- ATEX versions available

Robust and powerful: maintenance free pneumatic vacuum unit suitable where an electric unit cannot be used or for explosive areas.

High filtering efficiency: large surface area hygienic star filter ensuring maximum efficiency when vacuuming very fine dust. Ergonomic filter cleaning.

Modular: automatic filter cleaning, absolute filtration and dust bag available as options.

Maintenance and user friendly: a quick and innovative release system guarantees easy bin emptying.

Compact and very stable.

Versatile: allows to vacuum fine and/or heavy dust, swarf, coolant and water residue.

Specific use: vacuuming of calamine and shot blast material from pits.

Models available:
ATEX (for use in explosive atmospheres or/and with explosive substances)
L-M-H filtration (for vacuuming of toxic powders) certification
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