Silver Line

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50 Hz from 0,4 to 3 kW
60 Hz from 0,5 to 3,45 kW

Main applications:
Cyclical or continue vacuuming onto:
- accurate metal work machines
- assembling machines
- graving machines
- marking lasers
- processing machines for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, etc...

Powerful, heavy duty, silent, fitted with a three phase vacuum unit with direct coupling fan without vibration and wearing components.

Hygienic and high filtering efficiency: the L cat. polyester bag permits continue vacuuming of fine powdered substances with air exhaust complying to the hygienic normative. Suitable type of filter media and HEPA filters can be chosen according to the nature of the powders to be vacuumed.

Friendly use and maintenance: stable, compact and easy to move.

Versatile: permits to vacuum powders, dust and swarf (liquids upon request).

Options available in order to adapt the machines to specific use.

The suitable solution to the vacuum powders extraction at the source.

* 50 Hz only

Models available:
ATEX (for use in explosive atmospheres or/and with explosive substances)
L-M-H filtration (for vacuuming of toxic powders) certification
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