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SINGLE PHASE from 1 to 3 kW
Powerful, silent, robust: soundproof vacuum units including high output self cooled motor-turbines.
The extra power permits time saving in heavy-duty cleaning tasks.
Recommended for vacuuming oily and heavy residues. It is very effective when vacuuming swarf and lubricants.

High filtering efficiency: an hygienic star filter with large surface area ensures maximum vacuuming efficiency for long periods
of time when collecting very fine powders. Filter cleaning by ergonomic manual shaker.
Absolute filtration and vacuum balance system for dust collection into disposal plastic bag supplied as options.

Convenient use and maintenance: a high capacity dust collection bin (50 or 90 liters)
with a quick and easy release system guarantees easy emptying.

Compact and easy to handle.

Versatile: suitable for vacuuming fine dust, swarf, coolant and water residues.

Design: balanced and stylish giving a nice look to the machine.

Multipurpose machines suitable for hundreds of applications in any type of industry.
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